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May 25, 2017

Episode 55 -  Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

BLUF: You can actually pay respects without over eating! Enjoy the time with friends and family!


FatDag Accountability:


Listener Questions:

  1. Liz @Eproctor62, Glendora, CA 10% Lost!
  2. Heather @campingangle 10% Lost!
  3. Leah @leahsfamily Las Vegas, NV - Love the Podcast
  4. Marsha @trumpervine Berkeley, CA (Comment on Goal)
  5. Melissa @mneslon16, Minnesota, How do you set a goal weight?
  6. Natalie @n4tali Florida 16 Weeks, never missed a meeting! -10%
  7. Colleen, @cmanning12711 Glamssboro, NJ - I just ran 10 Miles!


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