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WhysAdvice™ is a Lifestyle Brand focused on leveraging the power of WHY while broadcasting wellness ADVICE to an authentic community of Wingmen.

2018 Vision

Dec 30, 2017

I’ve done all that I can alone, and by alone, I mean a team of amazing listeners, connectors, friends, social media contacts and wingmen. With your support, we launched the WhysAdvice™️ with FatDag Podcast on March 14, 2017 and as of this post (30 Dec 2017) it has reached 1,429,690 total downloads and grows by the minute.

While I didn’t do it alone, much of the back end and Vision to keep it going, I took on by myself. Your support provided the Why and I worked tirelessly to figure out the How.

As I launched a LIVE steam simultaneously on 5 platforms last night, I sat with an overwhelming sense of pride knowing that we were reaching even more people. Since I made Goal, all I wanted to do was convey the belief that losing weight was actually possible. The addition of a 5th stream meant reaching the rest of the world where they were, rather than waiting for them to join the 104,426+ of you following along on the 5 major social media networks, plus Connect.

When Episode 153 ended, I realized - I’m in over my head. The photo captures my excitement, but confirmed that I’ve gone nuts. I’m at a cross roads in this journey and it’s time to make some serious decisions as it relates to the show, but how does one go from here, to there. I’ve already exceeded any expectations, especially since I started with none.

The emails you’ve sent, are incredible. I get more email than I can respond to. My social media is solid, yet all I have time for is skimming and reading. I curate the content that moves me, and I push it back out in the form of a Podcast. I know that alone is not good enough. You want more, you deserve more. I’ve decided that you are worth it.

The demonstration of need drives me. You’ve given me a stage, a taste of the responsibility and all I want to do is walk with you and watch you succeed. As I share in your excitement, I realize there are hundreds more who have yet to find that excitement. It’s my true desire to reach them that prompts this message.

I’ve scheduled a series of meetings the first weeks in January with industry experts. I want to see if we have what it takes to change the world. I need a podcast producer, I need a social media team, I need audio engineers, and an equipment list that I’m not even smart enough to google. I need a dedicated studio so I can record the show during some normal hours, and also so that my family doesn’t have to run and hide as I yell, “5 minutes til showtime”.

I need to fulfill a dream that was handed to me. That dream brings you with me and we search for lost souls and invite them into our world. I’ve never had the opportunity to Dream Big before so it scares me to try it now.

All of this takes a leap of faith. It takes a belief that what I’m doing has value. A value you’ve confirmed and I understand in its current state. There is however an unknown potential. The unknown potential can only be realized if I dare to push beyond what I believe is good enough and just go for it. I did exactly that with my weight loss, and that turned out pretty good.

It’s has always been about the vision and the reach. Everything I’ve done to this point, was added when I said, “If I could reach one more person - if I could save one more life”. It’s time.

Hello 2018, I see you knocking, this is me answering!