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WhysAdvice™ is a Lifestyle Brand focused on leveraging the power of WHY while broadcasting wellness ADVICE to an authentic community of Wingmen.

Advertising versus Listener Supported!

Jan 15, 2018

You may have heard that, starting with Episode 160, I began accepting the financial support from advertisers.  As I started meeting with marketing firms, production studios, and other industry experts, it didn’t take me long to realize this is the real deal and to enter that market legitimately, it’s going to take some work.  I’m up for the challenge! 

As I presented my plan to each of them, they agreed we have something unique and special here.  The most common question back was “HOW did you get this far on your own?”  My simple response, was “I don’t know, HOW, I just stayed focused on WHY!”

We’ve demonstrated that the show is super successful.  In 10 months, you’ve downloaded 1.5 million episodes.  It’s no wonder advertisers are calling to get their names and products to your ears.  We are an amazing community that is focused and engaged.  It’s my favorite part of this journey.  I made the deliberate decision to accept their support so that I could begin to build the show the way I want to build it - but, I also know sometimes those advertisements are a distraction to our focus

So here is what I’ve done.  Since so many of you have already signed up as Patrons to provide a monthly contribution, I’m turning that support into commercial free episodes first.  The remaining (unfunded) episodes will be released to advertisers.  I think this is the perfect balance as we take WhysAdvice™ to the next level.  The advertisers who have stepped up, are incredible wingmen, as well, providing me the validation that we actually CAN build this.   

Their support, combined with yours, is making this a reality.  I’ll let the community decide the right balance between, sponsored and unsponsored episodes.  I will just focus on bringing you better audio quality, more consistent scheduling, audio/video interviews from real success stories, and engaging social media.  I’m ready to build a team to put this all under one roof! 

I’ve made it fun to make a monthly contribution at Patreon.  You can give yourself a fancy title, such as Wingman, Sergeant, Colonel etc, but note, there can only be ONE President :)   As the number of Patrons grows we can build Squadrons, Wings and Groups!  The sky is the limit, and with your support, we can continue to defend the world against obesity.  

If you’re already a Patron, log in and select the appropriate tier level for your current contribution.   How fun would it be, if this show, generated FOR you, was 100% listener supported.  That somewhat goes against the rules in this industry, but then again I’ve never really done any of this by the rules.  I’ve simply followed my heart.

Are you ready to Enlist? :)

  • Wingman $1/mo
  • Airman $2/mo
  • Sergeant $5/mo
  • Major $10/mo
  • Colonel $23/mo
  • Chief $50/mo
  • General $100/mo
  • President $500/mo


Your Wingman,




* For those interested in the actual numbers, they are included here.  


Current Monthly Recurring expenses: $472.


The Vision - Unfunded Expenses: 

  • Legal Fees, Trademarks, Retainer, Consultation. $3500+
  • Graphics / Logos / Design Work - $1,000
  • Producer, Audio Engineer, Transcription. $3,200/mo
  • Podcast Server Upgrade: Bandwith $800/mo
  • Social Media Management $2500/mo
  • Website Re-Design - Unk.
  • Time/Energy - well… who knows..