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Jul 13, 2017

Episode 83 - Fitness, Exercise, Fuel and Limitations.

BLUF:  Fitness is a very important part of the journey, but you have to understand how it works.  You can’t expect to lose weight by burning 400 calories, if you're still eating 1000 extra calories.  Get the fuel your body needs, adjust your mindset and win!


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Listener Email:

  1. Jennifer @jaevans10 - How do I adjust to not seeing a “Loss” on the scale?
  2. Rachel - Get out of the Numbers Game - Goal is a Feeling!
  3. Jan, Tulsa OK @janken9401 - Defective Fitbit???
  4. Lisa, Ballston Spa NY @lisa5111 - I’m at GOAL - The scale doesn't know yet!
  5. David - Any tips to fight the increased Hunger from working out?
  6. Debbie - I can’t exercise currently - help! - Celebrating 5%!!


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