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FatDag - Chapter 2

Jun 10, 2019

I promised you an update by 6/10 so here goes. It’s a big one. 

Other than a day here and there for out-processing. I’m officially done wearing the military uniform. Preparing for this day has not been easy.  The uniform is much more than some camouflage fabric sewn together and dressed with boots. It’s the fabric of our nation and serves to protect the Flag for which we stand. It’s very much a part of my identity - think Superman, without a cape, Spider-Man without a web, Captain America without his shield. Yet, in no way do I feel like a super hero - but when I’m wearing the Military Uniform I am granted super powers. 

The collective energy of a grateful nation and the last breaths of those who have gone before us provides the heart and soul to anyone who wears the uniform when fighting for freedom. It’s a feeling you can only experience by raising your right hand and agreeing to give your life for a greater cause. To support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies both foreign and domestic is a “blank check” kind of promise and I swore to God, asking for help, as I made that initial promise back on July 7th, 1992. 

To now, no longer have the direct responsibility of that Oath is strange.  The seemingly joyous occasion of my military retirement brings about mixed emotions.  I’m very proud of my service. I trust fully those who volunteer for this enormous responsibility going forward, Yet a piece of my identity is now lost. I’ve been Airman Daggett for 27 of my 46 years and waking up again as Mike will take some getting used to. Trying to re-invent yourself in the middle of your life, is something I wasn’t fully prepared for. 

You know the story - I almost lost it all due to failed fitness tests. I came here 3 years ago crying for help.  Without hesitation you answered the call. You were more than the heart and soul of a grateful nation. You answered the call as a peer and a friend.  You answered the call unconditionally as family and that made you my Wingman. Together we fought hand in hand against a strong enemy.  I won my internal battle, like many of you have, but we continue to fight the bigger war because that’s what’s been asked of us. It’s a global battle we fight together as individuals.

The DoD admits that 7.8% of the 2 million Uniformed Military members are losing their internal battle. That’s 156,000 thousand members, but I’m afraid these numbers are conservative. With 39.8% of the US Population fighting this fight, and 31% of otherwise qualified potential recruits ineligible for military service, it won’t be long until our ability to defend our nation is severely degraded. The National Security Crisis at our doorstep is The Obesity Epidemic. 

I’ve openly shared my vision for a healthier Force. I’ve launched a non-profit organization and recruited an amazing team.  I’ve talked in front of thousands of military members who have joined the fight. I’ve wanted nothing more than to give back to a community that saved my life. It gives me great pleasure to announce that on 6/10 I start a 2 month internship at WW in NYC to lend my experience, time and talent to the World’s leader in wellness to put forth an actionable solution. The Air Force has agreed to release me early, WW has accepted the offer and it’s now time to fight!  This is Day one, I don’t know where this ends, but I do know it started right here, simply because you said you believed in me and walked with me down the path to wellness. 

I march forward not as an individual , but as a representative of all that we’ve done here. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to change the world! 🇺🇸🦅❤️