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FatDag is a Noun

May 13, 2017

Life can be funny sometimes - if you let it!

Yesterday I had one of the best days I've had in a long time. It started with a haircut - meeting one of my amazing leaders, weighing in and then seeing my picture in the WW magazine for the first time and ended with a FB live session I've posted on my website

I decided to have a little fun with the magazine on connect and almost got kicked out of Barnes and Noble for "starting a spontaneous autograph session without permission"! I'm kidding no one said a word, - because we took the photo quickly and ran  ;)  😂

Here's the take away. 

I've withheld my ability to have fun because of my weight for years. It's an internal struggle I've had but I never wanted to call attention to myself because I knew as others would describe the events they would eventually have to say "and then the really fat guy..... said, did, whatever." 

The easiest way to describe me to the police, if it came to that, was by my size first and my actions second. So I held back and tried my best to go unnoticed. My weight had defined me in so many ways to strangers who didn't yet know me. 

I no longer have that hanging over, or on me. I'm "new and improved" and "fat free". I'm enjoying life and now if someone comes up with an adjective to describe me, I can dispute it as subjective. It's a matter of their opinion if I'm ugly, my jokes are lame, my fashion sense is off, my hair is a mess..... all of those are disputable and I get to cast my own vote!

But no matter what, I can no longer be called fat in the derogatory sense, and that has set me free!

I've wanted this for so long and now I'm enjoying every single second of it. I thank you for following along as an amazing #wingman! If you aren't already, I want you to join me at Goal! It's worth the fight to get here, I promise you!