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Food is Fuel

Nov 19, 2017

It started like any other day - it ended like one of my long forgotten days.

I woke up yesterday on Fire and ready to hit the gym for a new workout. I feel incredible and want to take my fitness to the next level.

I just returned from a week long trip feeling so proud of my choices. The scale was even down when I checked in the moment I got back.

Being on the road, being social and driving didn’t break me. The habits and routines that carried me to Goal, carried me through this week of travel flawlessly. I did not have a chance to workout while I was away so, my body craved a good workout. My reward was a new gym!

I had found a new fitness facility that challenged me. The introductory workout left me incredibly sore for 4 days. I loved it! So after being away I wanted to go back and push myself again!

I took to the bags, punching, kicking, left hook - right hook. Side kicks, row boats, squats, speed bag, I gave it my all. I felt like a beast and was so glad to have the stamina and strength to go after some new goals. I WAS A MACHINE!

I hadn’t planned properly though. The workout left me very hungry. When I got home, I didn’t have my typical protein breakfast - I hadn’t restocked from my trip, but I was hungry. My body needed fuel.

What I did next, set off the entire day. I fueled it improperly. We went to breakfast and I chose a meal I hadn’t had in a very long time. I used to eat it daily - so I assumed it would “fill me up”. It didn’t. It set off a chain reaction of me chasing sugar and junk for the entire day in an attempt to fuel me back up.

Every other opportunity to eat that followed, I accepted, trying to fuel the body, and it kept being the wrong fuel so I never felt satisfied. The cycle continued.

When the social calendar collided with the improper plan, I found myself at BWW at 12:00am and left when they started moving the tables around us to clean. I couldn’t get enough fuel yesterday because I never gave me fuel. I was so full last night at 1:30am I literally couldn’t eat another bite - even though I tried.

That didn’t deter me. I woke up - got on my scale and now I’m starting a new day - a lot sore from my workout, but so educated on the need for the proper food and the impact it has on me!

We had a great day - so much fun - I wouldn’t change a thing, because yesterday taught me some important lessons that I need as I go for some new fitness goals. I took good notes! I’m now off to the store for the fuel I need to carry me back to my goal.

If I’m gonna workout like a champ - I have to eat like one!