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I don’t want 6-pack abs!

Sep 1, 2018

I don’t want 6pack abs!

There I said it. I’m more likely to want a 6 pack of beer than carry a washboard stomach on a 45 year old body. I neglected my body for so long that six pack abs hasn’t ever been the goal and now that I find myself in great shape, it’s still not a goal of mine. 

The doesn’t mean fitness isn’t a priority. It doesn’t mean health and eating properly are being ignored.  It simply means I’ve found peace in my life and I best describe it as balance. 

I have other goals in my life. Since this is a weight loss community, I mostly talk about that here.  If this is the only side of me you follow, you’d think all I do is focus on weight loss. I am however active in a few other unrelated communities. In those communities I rarely talk about health/wellness, unless it contributes to that goal as well. My name isn’t even FatDag there, and many of my friends there don’t even know what “WhysAdvice” means! The point is, I have many goals and I do my best to achieve them all. 

I’ll share just a little.  One of my goals is to stay happily married for another 23+ years. One of my goals is to build our foundation into a $1M valuation (which means we will award 200 scholarship annually). One of my goals is to finish writing the two books I’ve started.  I have a goal to travel the globe as a motivational speaker.  I have a goal to retire from the military in 11 months, and not have to find a (9-5) J.O.B.  I, of course, have my health/wellness goals, personal finance goals, and social goals. I even have goals for my daughter.

I have so many others, but you get the idea.

As I continue to work on these goal, I’ve broken them all down into smaller steps that are more actionable.  As I work on balancing these goals towards completion, I’m always thinking and adjusting. 

This is where the six pack comes in.  Many times the actionable steps to reach one goal, is in direct conflict with the overall result of another goal. Some times I’m working out to get the 6pack, other times I’m handing them out and raising them to toast a fallen hero and their family. 

Some action steps contribute to multiple goals at the same time and when that happens, it’s perfect.  More often than not, I have to decide in an instant what goal is the priority for that moment.  

Example: Telling the marketing director for a major sponsor that “I’d love to try your latest product, however I’m out of points” is only serving one goal!  

Going for a run, and writing a book can not be done simultaneously, by me at least. 

I keep myself on track by always adjusting, always evaluating and I’m getting much better at planning (another goal born out of necessity) 

There was a period of time when 99% of my focus and attention went towards my weight loss goal. I achieved what I wanted at that time. During that time, I lost traction on some of my other goals, but that was what I needed to do, I made that decision deliberately. I had to prioritize that goal highest in order to accomplish it!   I checked it off, crossed the finish line as I say, and immediately created a new goal around that notion. 

The point of this whole post, is to bring balance to your life.  Like I have mine. Soon my parents will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary, and you bet I’ll have cake. Not because I want it, but because  celebrating with my entire family aligns better with my marriage and social goals and in that moment that will be the priority. The next morning, I’ll likely go for a run!