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I root for People!

Apr 15, 2019

I root for people.  I want to see you win! I want you to be incredibly successful.  I’m not digging into your past, I’m simply accepting you as you are today, and I want you to go after it and win!

I’ve made mistakes in my life.  I’ve done stupid things, I’ve learned from them and as a result I’m a different person today than the younger version of me who wasn’t perfect either. It’s quite possible, you’re reading this and willing to admit you aren’t perfect either. I’m still rooting for you just the same. However, If you are not inspired by Tiger Woods’ 5th Green Jacket, then I simply ask you to allow your heart to see the human side of this victory. See it in the eyes of humanity, as if it were your brother, your father, your uncle or friend.

As a society, we lift greatness up, and quickly dump it with early signs of trouble.  Those who fall from grace often have lost the very support they have come to rely on, even if done recklessly by their own hands. To rebuild a life, takes courage.  To do it alone takes strength. To do it from a public stage, takes humility and patience.

This display of greatness has nothing to do with golf.  Golf was simply the skill he developed to allow today’s story from Augusta to impact with the greatest reach.  The game allowed him to rise to the national stage so the world could bear witness to one of lifes greatest lessons. This lesson, 14 years in the making, garnered the attention of the world.  Very few details were left private, a whole world of sin had been exposed. The years of internal defeat were largely silent, yet we were still an unwelcomed witness.  Rather than fade away and give up he went to work to rebuild his life.  His life as a father, a son and a friend needed to him to be mentally strong, giving up would have been far more devastating.

The Master’s Victory for Tiger Woods is a celebration of his courage.  It’s a celebration of strength and it took the game of golf for the word to see what mental strength looks like. The most beautiful part of this story, again, is that it isn’t about golf.  You possess the same capability.  He didn’t do a single thing that you could not do.  He simply kept trying with his sights set on a dream, he remained focused towards its accomplishment.

Go follow this leader, set a goal, make a plan, and get to work. Don’t ever give up because no one ever wins from the sidelines.  The dream is out there, just waiting for you to grab it for yourself.

I believe in you!