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I’m bringing Wellness back! (Yeah)

Aug 28, 2019

I’ve never really understood why a definition uses the root word.  So I’ll dig deeper into what I already know.

My weightloss journey to wellness began when I got serious with an accountability solution. It’s why I’m attacking it first in this 6 part series I call  #bringingwellnessback. - (Yeah)

As a WW Wellness Coach, and Lifetime member, I often hear new or returning members say one of the best aspects of the workshop is the accountability to the scale and fellow meeting members.  You know the drill - Once a week, we skip a meal, take off our shoes, remove our belt, run to the restroom and step on a scale as witnessed by someone who has no idea what you’re going through. That someone gets to see the results and they are the one to report the data to you. In that brief instant we either want positive reinforcement or a hug. When it’s down we want to celebrate, but when it’s up we simply want to fade away, free from judgement, and try again.

That one single action can chart the course until the next accountability check is upon us. It’s a process we repeat over and over until we quit, or succeed!   It’s well documented that quitting simply means down the road you’re gonna eventually start again, often at a higher starting weight, so it’s truly easier to just keep going, That’s the theory anyway.

However there comes a time when too much accountability resurfaces the guilt and uncovers the internal feelings of failure. Let’s be honest. It’s no fun letting others watch your scale number climb week after week, even if we can truly justify it. So often it’s decided to forego that level of accountability to “do it on our own”.  Yet remember, most often I hear, the reason I show up is for the accountability - it works!

In my personal journey that’s certainly true. I became so thirsty for accountability that I connected my home scale to the internet and told the world every day how much I weighed on Twitter, Facebook and my Website. It went well until my life changed and suddenly the world watched in disbelief as my weight climbed while I dealt with personal issues.

Some watched with Joy.

Accountability from your support team is great. Vindictive jabs, disguised as accountability, from internet trolls not so much. A while ago, I decided to disconnect my scale from the internet and go it alone. It was much better than facing the truth, even when delivered with love. It wasn’t always a loving interaction to be honest. It got to me and my already challenged journey abandoned this level of accountability.

As a WW Coach I continued to facilitate two workshops a week. I have for three years now.  Even though I assumed it would, it’s doesn’t hold me accountable to my scale. I’m heavily invested in your success, so much so that I’ll sacrifice mine to cheer you on. My accountability in this role is to you, not to myself. As a Coach, a WW Employee, I weigh in monthly according to the WW HR rules.  That data surely mirrors my home data, but none the less it isn’t the level of accountability I need.

I started checking back into workshops as a member and the first big spike in the data was actually comforting. It was me. I was free! I was trying to find the feeling of being held accountable.

Yet none the less I found a way to justify the ups to the WW Guides who are actually my coworkers. I can’t travel far enough to get back the uncomfortable feeling I need from the weekly workshop check in. Locally just about every workshop I’ve attended has someone in attendance who “knows me” and instead of providing accountability it does the opposite. It pushes me further away from the mindset I need to succeed.

Failure is much more palatable in private. I’ve driven clear across town to sit in solitude only to find myself sitting with members who previously attended my workshops. I’ve walked into the workshop space and on multiple occasions been greeted by the same Guides that work my workshops. (I love you guys by the way, this is my issue, not yours! ❤️😂)

I need to feel uncomfortable again. That discomfort drives my daily choices in the right direction. That feeling is accountability.

For me, the scale connected to the internet does that.  Perhaps, it’s why I’ve avoided it recently, no, not the data, I’m keenly aware of that, but I’ve shrugged off the accountability. Perhaps it was just too much because “It’s out there” but it’s real, and I’ve found it’s the only way to continually remind myself that the next food choice is going to get tweeted out.  It causes me to choose wisely. It holds me accountable.

It worked for me.  So, here we go! Thanks for being on my accountability team!  It matters and I always appreciate the true support from each and every one of you.

I’m bringing Wellness back! Yeah!

Now that I have the accountability back, it’s time to get committed. I’ll hit that one next! In the mean time, what is the best way you hold yourself accountable?