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I’m doing it all wrong!

Jan 6, 2018

I’m doing it all wrong!
And I LOVE it!

I’m a regular guy. I dropped out of college at the request of the dean and joined the military. I have 2 associates degrees, but have little desire to use either of them. Nor do I have the desire to chase a bachelors, but I’ve never stopped learning.

I’d been overweight most of my life, you’ve likely heard the story and have seen the changes I’ve made. I’ve documented it all on in case this is your first introduction to me.

Ever since I made Goal, I’ve wanted to convince anyone out there that re-inventing themselves is doable. My wonderful life, became even more wonderful when I shed the weight and the associated baggage that 91 pounds adds to a tired body and mind.

There was a point early in the journey, when I amassed 8,000 social media followers. A number that caught me off guard. I got caught up in that frenzy and felt the need to “grow it”. I began doing things to deliberately see if I could move the needle towards fame and fortune. It didn’t take me long to realize that was the wrong direction and actually conflicted with my internal desires. So I backed away. It was the best decision I could have ever made. I spent the next 18 months just being me and a big part of me, is this desire to give back.

I’m not a business person. I don’t have a social media strategy. I never look to find out when the best time to post was. I just lived my life and shared the ups and downs with you. I knew you craved a real person, changing their life, to demonstrate to you that you can change yours as well. I know this, because that’s what I needed and that’s exactly how I made goal.

10 months ago - I didn’t know what a podcast was. I’ve spent more time on google trying to learn, than I have in my bed sleeping. I’ve learned enough to know this is bigger than me and larger than any of us could have ever predicted.

So, it gives me a great sense of pride to Welcome you to Chapter 3 of an amazing journey. I met with a full production media company to get some assistance. As we met there were 4 things I insisted on and they are non-negotiable.

  1. The listener is the Priority.
  2. 👆
  3. When the dollar is more important than the people, we’ve failed.
  4. I must Connect with real people and help them succeed.



That’s what this is all about. With those guidelines, in place, I can build a team that I can trust. I’m now free to do what I do best and that’s keep us all motivated. In many ways this gives me my life back, and in so many more it gives you yours!

I started 2018 with the vision to take the next step. I had the choice of giving it all up, or figuring it all out. Giving up has never been a strategy. So I’m not wasting any time figuring it all out.

As we begin to work on what’s next, my promise to you is that it only gets better! For 18 months I stayed focused on the community and my need to serve. This time taught me so much more than I could have ever figured out alone.

I fully understand the need and I’m going to deliver on it. I’m asking for your support as a Wingman to take the next step with me. By becoming a patron, we can make the dream a reality for all of us. It’s an uncomfortable ask for me, but I know it’s what needs to be done. While it conflicts with the desire to give back, I’ve learned that by pooling our resources, we can do more together than any of us can do alone. You taught me that, and I’m honored to be here today to give back!