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On the path to wellness, Judgement is unhealthy!

Mar 19, 2019

For three years now I’ve shared many details of my journey publicly. The highlights and revaluations I often share here but often spare you from the downs.  I do it for a couple reasons, mostly because a positive attitude is required to win and I don’t want to take that from you. The other reason, is much of it is personal and I simply am not ready to share it. When appropriate and tied to a lesson I freely share for the benefit of others.  

I do however share one piece of my journey regardless of the outcome and that is my weight. It auto tweets, posts to FB and any amateur detective using google could find 174,000 results it in about .061 seconds. I share it freely as part of this process because I treat it as one data point in a much more complex puzzle.  Only I know the full picture of my journey, and even at that there are still pieces I’m missing and will continue to search for. The ups, the downs, the back ups and back downs are well documented and accounted for.  You can only get this much data by not quitting!

I’ve addressed this before but it continues to come up and I feel the lesson is good for the group.  I know many others see my weight data and comment publicly, privately or even internally. It’s entirely your right to do so and please don’t let me stop you, but I’d like to address the associated judgement that from time to time makes it to my ears and my eyes. It’s unhealthy for our community. I’m strong enough to shoulder it, but not everyone is for their respective journey. 

I recognize it so easily because, regrettably, I used to do it as well.  The longer I stay committed to my health and attract others with the same goals I meet some incredible people with inspiring stories.  I have welcomed back people after a complete reboot, completely unaware of the life tragedies they have proudly rebounded from. 

I have seen people considerably overweight and when they say they are down 100+ pounds my initial judgement stands corrected.  They're proud to share their success yet the fear of judgement prevents them from doing so. It limits their ability to pull from the best resource available and that’s a healthy mind, accomplishing a similar goal. 

Your physical appearance and/or scale number has nothing to do with your worth, or the value you bring to this community. Regardless if you love the data or not. Regardless if it’s day one, or year 50 at free lifetime. The value you bring to this community is measured by your willingness to lift others up regardless of where they have fallen from. The value you bring to the world is to do so free from judgement.

I set out recently on a path with a new goal. From time to time some comments appear and remind me that I’m not there, not even close. My goal is to live in a world where we are treated equally without regard to race, sex, religion, sexual orientation, political affiliation, economic factors or of course our weight. 

I have made goal, that I promise you! I’m just waiting for the internet and the rest of the planet to catch up!