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May 23, 2017

Episode 53 -  Bad WW Meetings?

BLUF: The only bad meeting is the one you don’t attend!



#OperationFatDag - Execution Phase!

If you’re currently serving in the military and want to participate virtually, reach out to me please!


Thank you for all of your letters!

Thank you to Withings for donating the Body Cardio scales for the event tomorrow! WOW! is completely re-designed

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FatDag Accountability:


Listener Questions:

  1. Judy, Very Beach, FL - I feel like a Fraud! (You’re not by the way)
  2. Kim, How to handle a Bad WW meeting?
  3. Kathy, Ceder Lake, IN @trinaqueen0412 - What is my goal?
  4. Deb, Boston, MA @ppmmrm37 - Stay Focused!

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