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I have food issues....

May 14, 2018

Yesterday I shared my weight entries as I have for quite some time now. Thank you all for being great a wingman - your continued support is tremendous. It’s time I share the “rest of the story”

I’ve noticed the upward trend and understand it. Mentally I’m solid. I’m not worried, I’m not stressed, I’m really just trying to find a comfortable long term solution and in that process I’ve become too lax. I see that. I’m correcting it. It’s hard to describe, but truly I’m in a really good place.

There are aspects to my journey that pose challenges that I’m still learning to navigate. Since I share my my weight daily, I felt I had to post it - so that you knew, that I knew.

Hi - my name is Mike - I have food issues. About 95% of the recipes and food pics I see on connect I’m not willing to try. Most everything I eat is plain. I’ve been a picky eater for as long as I can remember. I hunt around a restaurant menu for the 1 or 2 things I’ll actually eat. It’s not often what do I want it’s often what can I tolerate. Usually a steak, maybe a chicken (depending on how it’s prepared). I’m the guy who orders steak at a seafood restaurant and Olive Garden. I don’t do pasta either.

I have texture issues. I don’t do a lot of vegetables- not do I care for seafood, beans and well let’s just say the 200 point list of food is just about useless to me. The only egg I’ll eat is scrambled. A salad for me is lettuce and cucumbers. No dressing. I’ll pick at it, but it will never be a meal for me.

Apples, Bananas, Strawberries, Grapes, Watermelon and oranges are about it from the fruit side.

I’m also not your gym head. I don’t mind working out, but I’m not your 10,000 step a day guy. I like to run, but even then there are days I don’t want to. I do it for the mental clarity, not necessarily the exercise. My strength training has been consistent, but that’s because it’s convenient and I have a standing appointment in my calendar that’s easier to attend than it is to cancel.

I eat real food. I eat real pizza - I like fried chicken - I like white bread. I eat real ice cream and I’m not giving up French fries.

Despite all this I found things that do work for me. I was super determined. I did it. I continue to do it. I made all of that work. I’m still making all that work.

I don’t post photos of my food - mostly because I know the response I’d get if I shared it. Someone would offer a healthy alternative and quite honestly - 90% of the time, I don’t want, nor will I try the healthy alternative.

Social engagements are tough because I’ll usually leave 3/4 of my plate untouched, and often it’s the healthy stuff, or the eloquently prepared fancy stuff.

Misery for me is to be invited over for dinner. There’s a 99% chance I won’t eat whatever you’ve prepared. If you do invite me, I’ll accept if it’s pot luck and I can bring a dish. (Yes that’s likely all I’ll eat) otherwise I’ll suggest we just go out to eat, or decline altogether.

So for a long time I gravitated to the processed foods and cookies, sweets and chips because I did need something to eat. I managed my way to a healthy weight by saying no, not by eating significantly better. There were a few modifications in there, sure, but nothing earth shattering. I was willing to try a few things and a couple have made it into my rotation, but for the most part - I didn’t make modification, I cut out the worst of what I would eat. Soda, Candy, and chips are mostly gone and that accounted for many of my excess calories.

I want to try new things - but am often afraid to. The texture issue, combined with a very active gag reflex makes trying new food stressful. I often look at a plate of food that others rave about and secretly wish I would try it. But I won’t.

I have my go to meals and my routine saves me. Right now I’m just re-adjusting to a new routine, but I’ve got this. That part isn’t an issue. I’m extremely successful - and now I’m just trying to build on that success as things around me change.

Thanks for being here with me!