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I’m gonna be just fine!

May 23, 2019

I just left my doctors office for my annual physical.  We didn’t discuss my weight as a contributing factor for any of my ailments. We actually talked about actual treatments BESIDES the dismissive “lose 20lbs”.  He drew blood, checked me from head to toe and a little more 🥺.  It was a thorough visit!

I’m a lifetime member, I made goal in 2016.  In the past 8 months or so my life has been crazy. We talked about all of it.  I told him everything.  He checked my records, my heart, eyes, ears, lungs, Blood Pressure and checked my weight.  He didn’t say a word.  We talked about my strength training routine and how it’s added muscle. I told him I wanted to learn to eat better and asked for a consult to a nutritionist. Sure - I can control my weight with willpower when life is “normal” but I want to learn to really eat better naturally. It’s been my goal, ever since making goal. Given my medical history he linked the nutrition consult to obesity.  I’m so relieved. This is exciting because I’m at a point in my wellness journey where I will actually listen to a nutritionist.  I may not have a couple years ago.  I left without a single prescription, just some lifestyle and wellness adjustments!

I share because, every so often I get reminded from this community that I’ve gained weight since making goal 2+ years ago. I know that. I share it openly. I know why. My doctor knows why and we’re good with it. I just figured I’d put the rest of your minds at ease in case you felt the need to remind me again 😂.

Truly - I’m good. I have a very good relationship with my doctor and I’m thrilled to still be connected to an amazing group of wingmen!

I snapped this photo on the way home to compare it to a point in my life when I didn’t care.. Yeah... Doc is right... I’m gonna be just fine!