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Apr 30, 2017

On the first day that I went to the mail box, there were 17 cards from you guys! That is fantastic and I can not thank you enough.

I plan to use them at an upcoming speaking engagement to demonstrate the power of Love, and to provide a glimpse of Hope.  When I decided this time that I really needed to lose weight - I didn't start with the same level of hope that I found during the process.  That level of hope was cultivated through your support and watching you succeed by not giving up!  You believed in me, before I believed in me! That was extremely powerful and I want to replicate that action.

Next month, as I address a group of our Nation's military,  I want to hand them these cards to give them hope.  They are engaged in a battle for their lives.  They need to lose weight and get fit in order to continue to serve our nation so proudly.  I want to let them know that not only do I believe they can do it,  but you believe it, as well!  

Thank you for helping me carry out this very important task!

If you'd like to provide a card or letter of encouragement - I will personally hand it off to someone who I've come in contact with that is just starting, or needs a pick me up!  We are better together and you continue to prove it!


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