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Who’s Here? I’m taking attendance!

Sep 3, 2019


#bringingwellnessback post 4/6

There is a cliche phrase that says much of life is won by just showing up. I completely agree, but the pessimist in me always mutters, “showing up doesn’t mean squat if you don’t know how to play the game.” Or I sarcastically whine - “Ok Fine, I’ll just show up and watch the fat just melt from my body.”

So what’s the big deal about just showing up anyway?

Did you notice what predicates all of the amazing results we see here?  It was the attendance.

You already know that showing up and not putting forth the effort doesn’t move the needle.   There’s no guarantee that by just showing up you can be victorious.  But we first have understand the sequential relationship between attendance and effort. News Flash: They will always be in the same order. Attendance First, THEN effort. While effort moves the needle, attendance puts YOU there to deliver the punch.

Think about it - You can’t win a single game if you’re not on the field. You can’t run a marathon if you’re not at the starting line. You can’t follow the plan, if you don’t open your app. Victory is only achieved by performing an action over and over again until you’re the best at it. The first requirement is for you to be there, otherwise it’s someone’s else’s victory.

This is why I’m a big fan! It’s the very beginning of everything we do.  The results are only possible if you’re there in the first place. The quality of your results is determined by something entirely different and we will tackle that later, but for now, take your attendance away from any of life’s greatest moments and they don’t exist.

There was a point in time when the world’s greatest golfer had never held a club. There was a moment when the greatest quarterback on the planet had never touched a football. There was a moment in time when every single person who made lifetime, had never heard of WW. They all took the first step. They showed up as a novice. They came back a second day to do it again. They developed the habit of showing up until one day they noticed a developing skillset. They improved on their skills by continuing to show up first and putting forth the effort second. The consistent effort continued to refine the skill and they claimed victory, but it all started because they were there - every single time.

Regardless of what you’re trying to accomplish, the very first goal you should set is attendance.  Set the goal daily. Show up every single time, check off the attendance portion and once that is second nature, increase the effort.  Increase it at a moderate level.  You don’t start playing football walking onto the field for the Super Bowl.   Your first round of golf isn’t going to be at Augusta for the Masters. You don’t step into a WW workshop and become a lifetime member on day one. You build up to these events by never quitting.

That little attendance thing is a bid deal. Congratulate yourself for reading this, you’ve shown up today!

See you tomorrow Champ!