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May 17, 2019


The reason I joined WW was because I ate too much BBQ sauce! - There I said it!


I used to say, just the opposite actually ~ “I didn’t join WW because of BBQ sauce” but in reality I was kidding myself.  It WAS the BBQ sauce, and the small handful of M&Ms.  It was the last couple fries from my wife’s plate. It was the 2 cookies in the break room, the small bag of chips, the extra bottle of beer, glass of wine, it was the 3 Hershey’s kisses on the secretary’s desk. It was ALL of those things that in essence were “Untracked” because I rounded them down to Zero in my mind.


This meal above can be Zero Points or 11 Points depending on how you eat it.  Once in a great while, it likely won’t matter which one it is. However the more often you have it, the more the data matters.


If you started the day with untracked coffee creamer, you’re now quickly approaching double your allotted points for the day - but the app shows a 🔵“Great Job”.  The danger that arises from “being on plan - and not getting the results” leads to quitting frustrated.


The difference between “Weight loss mode” and “Maintenance” is somewhere between 2-6 points a day depending on how accurate your tracking is.   So I track it all so that I have an accurate picture of what I’m eating. Then and only then can I learn to make adjustments to hit the goals I have set for myself.