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WhysAdvice™ is a Lifestyle Brand focused on leveraging the power of WHY while broadcasting wellness ADVICE to an authentic community of Wingmen.

Apr 23, 2019



It’s your journey and your goals and it’s totally worth it!

  • Lynn K – Valley City, OH
    •  Connect - @lynnmw1208
    • Instagram - @lose_it_lynn
  • Jane M – Watsonville, CA
    • Connect - @justtrack
    • Instagram - @JaneMoresco
  • Audrey – Arlington, TX
    • Connect -...

I root for People!

Apr 15, 2019

I root for people.  I want to see you win! I want you to be incredibly successful.  I’m not digging into your past, I’m simply accepting you as you are today, and I want you to go after it and win!

I’ve made mistakes in my life.  I’ve done stupid things, I’ve learned from them and as a result I’m a different...

Apr 13, 2019

Find the support you need to find what is inside you, and all of us: resounding strength, astounding beauty, and the ability to do ANYTHING you truly want. You are loved and you CAN do this.


  • Hanna L – Santa Rosa, California
    • Connect - @hluedtke27
  • Deanna E – Bellevue, Nebraska
  • Kelly G – Sarasota, Florida


Apr 10, 2019

The Whys Wingmen Community really is Team Awesome.  May we always support and lift each other up.


  • Tina F – Charlotte, NC   
    • Connect - @tinafox312
    • Twitter - @tinaf312
    • Instagram – @tinaf312
  • Amy G – Allegan, MI   
    • Connect - @amylynn824
    • Instagram - @dizzychk
  • Becky H     Colorado Springs, CO
    • Connect -...

Apr 5, 2019

Sometimes we can just feel stuck, like we are in a holding pattern. As this episode shows, this is more common than we might think. 


  • Melissa – Toronto, Canada
  • Dan James  – Winnipeg, Maitoba   
    • Connect - @danequin (WW Canada)
    • Twitter - @danequin
    • Instagram – danequin14
  • Fran – Commack, NY
  • Paula Eaton –...