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Apr 29, 2018

Before I boarded my plane to head to Biloxi, I had my sights set on finishing this 3.1-mile (5k) race in under 23 minutes. I have a personal goal that I'm working towards, I want to break the 20-minute time for a 5k sometime this year, yesterday, however was not that day!

I ended up tied for last at 1hr 17 minutes, though officially the clock time says: 57:29 (because they packed up at 57:29).

The International Tour is about us, it's about the community and making connections that help carry us to goal. Sometimes, making friends is far more important than beating them!

Everyone who started the race, finished the race. In our pack were two people who had never participated in a sanctioned 5k before. YES - They Finished! The total weight loss amongst the group was well over 300lbs of life changing effort!

I think so often we get caught up in the wrong data and that causes us to miss the big picture.

For those who are curious about the data you can look here for the official results

For everyone else - there's Tulsa! See you soon! #wingman

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