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Jul 13, 2019

I’m connected to a lot of people. It’s what makes this community great.  I’ve learned a lot through our connections and I want to share some of that with you. 

For the most part I can’t tell your gender, your age, your race, political affiliation or sexual preference.  I have a hard time remembering names.  The amount of messages that we exchange task my brain.  I read as much as I can and take it all in.  There are many names I see repeatedly and slowly a stronger connection is made. By that point, we’ve connected and none of the above matters to me because we have shared life experiences that bind us.  I consider us friends even if we’ve never met. 

I do however remember situations and stories. At times I have a hard time connecting them back to the author but they do often hit me.  With over 100k connections - no matter what’s going on I am connected to someone who’s living it. 


Mass shootings - some of you have been there. 

Political Rallies - you’ve been there - on both sides.

Protests, yup....

Natural disasters: hurricanes, tornados, flooding, fires - someone from this community has been there. 

Birth of a child - loss of a child.  Loss of a sibling, parent, close friend and spouse you’ve been there. 

Medical Ailments, disabilities, financial trouble, drugs, alcohol issues.  Someone here is living that right now.  

Day one on this journey, making goal, lifetime. -10, -25 -50 -100 -150 -200 someone I’m connected to has been there. +5, +10, +50, +100 same thing.  


This is what binds us. We share in the celebration and we share in the pain. We find others who can relate and we laugh together and we cry together.  When we find those who laugh and cry along side of us, we connect.  When we connect, we continue working on our shared goals.

I woke this morning to a devastating message in one of my inboxes.  All I had to do was read it and reply.  I was frozen. Speechless. I can’t even imagine and again, my role is to simply support from 1500 miles away.  They are the one who need the strength to live through it.  

I share this to remind you, no matter what’s going on, someone in this community can relate.  To find them you must summons the courage to share. When you do, you can connect.  That’s what makes this world great.  None of us are so unique that we need to walk alone. 

I’m truly honored to walk with you as you search for those who can carry you better than I.