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FatDag - Chapter 2

Jun 10, 2019

I promised you an update by 6/10 so here goes. It’s a big one. 

Other than a day here and there for out-processing. I’m officially done wearing the military uniform. Preparing for this day has not been easy.  The uniform is much more than some camouflage fabric sewn together and dressed with boots. It’s the fabric...

I’m gonna be just fine!

May 23, 2019

I just left my doctors office for my annual physical.  We didn’t discuss my weight as a contributing factor for any of my ailments. We actually talked about actual treatments BESIDES the dismissive “lose 20lbs”.  He drew blood, checked me from head to toe and a little more 🥺.  It was a thorough visit!

I’m a...

May 22, 2019

The New WhysAdvice Studio!!

Sometimes we just don’t feel worthy of taking care of ourselves. Maybe life has knocked us down, maybe we have internally knocked ourselves down, either way, we need to find a way to feel worthy of taking care of ourselves.

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May 17, 2019


The reason I joined WW was because I ate too much BBQ sauce! - There I said it!


I used to say, just the opposite actually ~ “I didn’t join WW because of BBQ sauce” but in reality I was kidding myself.  It WAS the BBQ sauce, and the small handful of M&Ms.  It was the last couple fries from my wife’s plate....

May 14, 2019


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