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WhysAdvice™ is a Lifestyle Brand focused on leveraging the power of WHY while broadcasting wellness ADVICE to an authentic community of Wingmen.

Sep 26, 2019

It is possible to return after derailments. Stay in the game!


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  • Susan – Bakersfield, CA
    • Connect - @skinny6010
  • Connie – Glenburn, ME
    • Connect - @gracie1434
    • Twitter - @cpoulin1434
    • Instagram – gracie1434a
  • Lacey – Weston, OH
    • Connect - @laceymwarner1
    • Twitter –...

Sep 23, 2019


Sometimes a dose of our own advice is exactly what we need.


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  • Tiffany S  – Santa Rosa, CA
    • Connect – tiffpaco80                
  • Rae A – Columbia, MO
    • IG- @ww_raerae
    • Connect - @raearnold           
  • Pamela N – East Quogue, NY
    • Connect - @pamy62


How to get On the Air with

Sep 21, 2019

The New Whys Advice Studio!!


Lifetime members sometimes gain.  They also turn it around!


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  • Susan R  – Bakersfiled, CA
    • Connect - @skinny6010
  • Jeffrey S
  • Ana B  – Bainbridge, GA
    • Connect - @Anab64
    • Twitter - @Ana Celorio
    • IG – @Ana Brown


How to get On the Air with FatDag:


Sep 3, 2019

We are all at different points in our journey and sometimes things get a little rough, but we all have within us what it takes to succeed.

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  • Kaitlyn –  Waynesboro, PA
    • Connect - @Kaitlynp90
    • IG – future_mrs_mummert
  • Karen Larsen Kontos  – Island of Evia, Greece
    • FB - @ Karen Merete...

Who’s Here? I’m taking attendance!

Sep 3, 2019


#bringingwellnessback post 4/6

There is a cliche phrase that says much of life is won by just showing up. I completely agree, but the pessimist in me always mutters, “showing up doesn’t mean squat if you don’t know how to play the game.” Or I sarcastically whine - “Ok Fine, I’ll just show up and...