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Do you need Normal BMI to be healthy?

Apr 30, 2017

I recently went to an Indiana Pacers Basketball game - Look at the Pacers height and weight charts. 



When I started I was about a foot shorter than most of them. I also weighed more than all but one. I was 263 and 5'11 - I wouldn't have made the team. My BMI was 36.7 Obese.

I thought I wanted to set a goal of 189 but my leader convinced me to not settle for a goal outside of my normal BMI. I now have a normal BMI of 24.4 and I love it. Before I started I didn't think a normal BMI was possible for me. It would leave me too skinny and no "man" has a normal BMI - that's what I kept lying to myself. 

Sure it's not for everyone - but it worked for me and I only realized it because I dared to try. The truth is I didn't know if it would or wouldn't work - I just assumed it wouldn't and that was limiting my potential. 


Look at the height and weight of the pacers. In order I've computed their BMI:

27.9 Overweight
23.1 Normal
27.3 Overweight
23.1 Normal
24.6 Normal
30.2 Obese
26.6 Overweight
25.8 Overweight
25.7 Overweight
30.5 Obese
24.9 Normal
23.9 Normal
25.5 Overweight
23.8 Normal
24.3 Normal

7 of them have a normal BMI
2 of them are considered Obese
6 of them are overweight

So can you be healthy without a normal BMI? Of course you can. 

Can you have a normal BMI and still look/feel great? Of course!

Figure out where your body is most happy, but don't stop before you truly are where your body is capable of being!


Go Team!