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Gas Prices versus Scale Weight

Feb 24, 2018

Your weight is like the price of Gas.

If you stop at the same gas station every single morning, you can look at the price of gas, and get an idea of what the trend is doing.  

However if you try to determine the trend, by charting the price randomly as you drive across the country, the data is largely irrelevant and very confusing.  You will not get an accurate depiction of what is really happening.

There are too many variables to compare one station in Iowa to a station in Maine.  The brands are different, the supply chain is different and even the time of day that you compare them is different.

When it comes to your weight, the same holds true.  Rather than comparing data from different scales at different times of the day pick ONE scale - select a time of day/week/month that you can consistently check in and record that data point.  

Compare the data point only to a data point with the same conditions.

That is how you can determine if your plan is working or not. Everything else is just a distraction. 

In either event, the lower the number, the better we will all be!

I wish you good focus!