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It's a lifestyle change!

May 10, 2017

There's more to this than just a cup of strawberries. This reflects the lifestyle change we talk so often about.

I like chick fil a. My favorite is the nuggets - not the grilled ones. The real deal. With a Coke, BBQ sauce, fries and ketchup. I would eat them at least once a week and have for many years. It was one thing I was not willing to compromise on.

As I was working the plan this meal became harder and harder to fit into the point allowance.

First I gave up the soda willingly.
Then I went to a small fry willingly.
Then I dropped the ketchup willingly.
Next I switch the fries for a fruit cup.
I then began getting all strawberries.
I dropped the BBQ sauce.

I figured out that what was important to me was the chicken, not all the extras. I have taken this meal from 30+ points to 9. I'm fully in control and made the adjustment gradually and willingly.

Last night after my ww meeting I went once again and it wasn't until I was eating did I realize that my automatic reaction to "next in line please" was the fruit cup, strawberries only and a bottle water. No thank you to sauce ;)

This is the lifestyle part. It happened gradually because I stayed on plan to let the learning process work. If you had told me on day one I HAD to give this meal up - I would have said "not going to do it" - but to learn that I made the adjustment on my own is powerful.

Tracking everything, ketchup included, and not eating points when I was out of points changed my life for the better.