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On to Washington

Dec 2, 2017

As you may have heard - I’m traveling to DC next week to sit in some high level meetings regarding the Obesity crisis affecting our military.

I can not explain how honored I am to be able to take the next step in making a change in the world. From the moment I realized my life was different when I made Goal - I wanted to make sure that everyone knew - making Goal is possible for EVERYONE!

Yes even you!

I’m nervous, I’m swamped, trying to prepare and make sure I simply be me - but I’m a different me than I was before.

I feel like I have one chance to make an impact that is so desperately needed and having that responsibility resting on my shoulders is humbling. It scares me a little..... but...

I’m ready.

Boy am I ready!

The two years we’ve been together here you’ve prepped me for this. The stage you’ve given me has trained me to understand the issue from numerous perspectives.

Two years ago I would have gone into this meeting with just my knowledge. Now - I will walk into the meeting as the voice of 85k people - and represent hundreds of thousands more.

Thank you.

Let’s Do this!

#Wingman #FatDagToDC