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Mar 20, 2019

This evening our workshop had an amazing discussion that lead to this discovery.  I call it The FreestyleFix!  I'm sharing the video because I want you to get the full effect.

Here is the summary.

Your daily point value is determined based on your age, gender and Current Weight.  As you lose weight, you lose points.  Everyone gets that, we don't like it, but we get it.  Our bodies are smaller, so we need less food.  As we lose points, we are then forced to make lifestyle changes to accommodate the reduction. 

There is no such systematic reduction in the zero points foods.  So if you start off doing well on FS, and then hit a plateau that you can't break, I suspect that it's because the quantity (caloric intake) of your zero points foods hasn't reduced with your smaller body.  

When you first join, you have success because you make the transition to healthier food, even in larger quantities and it works.  As you get smaller, you needs less, but often you actually increase the intake of zero points foods because you are now starting to enjoy them.  

You need to mindfully adjust your intake as you find success.  By how much? Well that's were you have to do the hard work to find what works for you, but now you know you at least have a starting place to look for success!

I believe in you and wish you good Focus!